Top Quality Pre-Roll from the #1 News Brand in the world.

Access the 900+ CNN Local Affiliates where CNN powered pre-roll and Content Run.

Viewable/Transparent/User Initiated Preroll/ CPMs - $25-$40

Travel/Finance/B2B/50+ and other targeting available.

Company Overview

iMediaSalesTeam is proud to be the exclusive sales team for select media companies including CNN Newssource. We are a fully integrated coast to coast sales team hired by each media company to offer advertisers everything from high-impact branding programs and custom integrated placements to direct response high-reach banners, emails, or text links. See

iMediaSalesTeam is the exclusive sales team for CNN Preroll.

Why CNN Newsource Video?

Top News Brand + Local News Sites

The CNN Newsource Video Affiliate Network is comprised of CNN and 900+ trusted local news partners and our collective digital, mobile and social platforms. Your brand would appear in a brand-safe environment alongside trusted local news partners and personalities that are well-recognized and respected in their respective communities.

Reach more than national/cable news

By far, local news reaches more adults than both national broadcast network news and cable news (Nielsen, Local Watch Report, Sep 2017). By extension, local news reaches millions of US households through their web, mobile and social platforms. Your single ad relationship with CNN Newsource taps into this vast network of engaged consumers.

Video Engagement Rates

Local news audience spends 88% more time on a page with video, and posts with video are shared 12 times more than those without. This plays to the very strength of VAN: a trusted source of breaking news, viral stories and compelling journalism reported and produced by some of the best news organizations in the business including CNN, the world's news leader.

Above is from Hitwise State of Industry January 2018


Click here to see live.

Click here to see live.

Preroll Packages +Targeting

*PRE-Roll In-Market - min SPEND, *CTR 1% guarantee min,


  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll RON + AUTO Keywords - 1,000,000 imps @ $20 CPM
  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll AUTO Shoppers - 100,000 @ $40 CPM
  • Travel:

  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll RON + Travel Keywords - 1,000,000 imps @ $20 CPM
  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll TRAVEL Intenders - 100,000 @ $40 CPM
  • Investment/Finance/Insurance:

  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll RON + Medicare Keywords - 1,000,000 imps @ $20 CPM
  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll INSURANCE Shoppers - 100,000 @ $40 CPM
  • B2B:

  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll RON + B2B Keywords - 1,000,000 imps @ $20 CPM
  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll B2B Decision Makers - 100,000 @ $40 CPM
  • Web Services/Shoppers:

  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll RON + Web Service Keywords - 1,000,000 imps @ $20 CPM
  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll WEB SERVICE/ONLINE Shoppers - 100,000 @ $40 CPM

  • Health Conscious:

  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll RON + Keywords - 1,000,000 imps @ $20 CPM
  • CNN Newssource Pre-Roll HEALTH FOCUS - 100,000 @ $40 CPM
  • *Add Local DMA GEO targeting add geo to any above in place of RON* + Category Keywords

    *CNN Newssource Pre-Roll LOCAL (Top 25 DMA/GEO) Focus - 1,000,000 @ $30 CPM

    A Growing Supply of Quality Pre-Roll.

    CNN Newsource continues to offer new affiliates custom video services to help local media companies deliver the top branded news in the industry.

    Advertiser Restrictions

    Advertiser Restrictions:




    Clothing (Undergarments)

    Contraceptives and Birth Control

    Dating/Chat Services

    Dieting/Weight Loss


    Fear Mongering and Deception

    Foreign Language Advertisements


    Guns, Ammo & Weapons

    Herbal Supplements


    Low-Quality/Offensive Imagery

    News/Newspaper/Newsy Ads


    Online Gaming

    Personal Loans, Debt, Settlement, High Risk Financial

    Psychics and other Pseudo-Sciences


    Sexual Products, Adult Entertainment or Pornography

    Television Networks

    Tobacco (includes e-cigarettes)

    Unlawful and/or Illegal Goods

    CNN Pre-Roll Specs

    Contact Us:

    We are based outside Boston, MA. but cover the US coast to coast. We love marketing and love to see our clients succeed.

    Josh Iverson

    Mobile: 617.933.5477

    Office 617.383.9900

    Social Advertising Services

    Social Advertising

  • We offer data and programs on Facebook that are not available using Facebook or other services directly
  • We buy the media, create the banners, manage and optimize campaigns to hit your ROI
  • Our Custom Data Audiences combine with Facebook to improve A/B testing and results
  • You have a team behind your social media efforts
    Conversion pixels track conversions with display ads
  • We work with many marketing firms and brands direct.

  • Other Opportunities


    All campaigns are customized to fit your needs

    Options are available for:

  • Display Banners
  • Unique placements
  • Social
  • Re-targeting and Audience Extension
  • Pre-roll
  • Text Links
  • Audio and Video Podcasts
  • Custom Placements and Sponsorships
  • E-mail



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